Wednesday, April 1, 2009

University of Memphis Athletic misDirector RC Johnson has stated there are 3 to 5 candidates he has on a so-called "Wow List" to succeed John "The Grass is Bluer on the Other Side" Calipari. No mention of any specific names have been made but rumors abound.

Here is a list of 11 names which have echoed through the Tomb with frequency as of late. We would like to know your order of preference or projection, so leave us a comment and give us your top 3 and the flawless logic behind your choices.

Bob Knight
Tim Floyd
Sean Miller
Avery Johnson
Bruce Pearl
Tony Barbee
Derek Kellogg
Rick Pitino
Nolan Richardson
Reggie Theus
Oliver Purnell


Grant said...

nolan richardson 15 years ago.

DG said...

Jack Bauer. Bob Knight still thinks we're Memphis State. Tony Barbee is what Cal wants, so no. Bruce Pearl sweats too much Derek Kellogg is a former assistant to Cal. Nolan Richardson is washed up. Pitino is in place to make Cal's life miserable at UK. Tim Floyd is from Hattiesburg and is a decent coach. My vote is for him.

Pistolier said...

Pitino, Johnson, Theus

Anonymous said...

Sean Miller, bobby kNight, and avery johnson..sean miller wins at xavier is a great name, Avery coached in the NBA and did well, bobby knight would be credible and do well rebuilding the thing.

DG said...

Avery Johnson did well until he was fired. I don't think his coaching style is suited for college, and since he has no college coaching experience, he has no idea what to do as far as recruiting and style of play. I think Johnson would be an experiment that a more desperate team should seek, not Memphis. Apparently, according to RC Johnson, Memphis' phone is ringing off the hook with potential candidates.

Anonymous said...

Memphis needs a coach that can outrecruit John Calipari, continue his STELLAR graduation rate, and only recruit players who are loyal to our university in the face of adversity. Also, Memphis still can beat Kentucky to the national title if we pick a coach who will strike hard and fast. I believe we should review our candidates both pros and cons and there track record.

TIM FLOYD: PROS...good recruit and a southerner. has NBA experience experience. Can bring BLUE CHIP talent to Memphis. CONS: He ruined the Chicago Bulls. He will bail on Memphis for the SEC just like Cal did if the offer presented itself. I believe USC runs a shady program and Memphis cannot afford to be buried in NCAA Sanctions.


TUBBY SMITH: PROS: National Champion Coach at Kentucky. Decent recruiter but can retain Memphis elite talent for sure. Community organizer and Civic Leader. CONS: Slow builder. Never won with his own recruiting class. Memphis cannot take him because Smith cannot keep up with the fast talking slickters who we will face. Not to much missing but without national class he becomes irrelevant.


SEAN MILLER: PROS: Xavier is a Top 15 Program, has 4 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances. Great teacher and will do DECENT recruiting Memphis local ESPN Top 100 Players.
CONS: CAL FRIEND. He will bail on Memphis as soon as we go back to #1. Memphis should stay away from coaches with no connection to MEMPHIS


TONY BARBEE: who? he is Cal puppet and Cal wil still be running Memphis program. Cal will remain in the know in Memphis program and will brainwash our local talent. Limited NCAA experience and will set Memphis back.

LARRY BROWN: PROS: NCAA Champion Coach. Led Kansas to national prominence and a consistant proven winner. EXCELLENT RECRUITER. Has a flare and national media respect that makes Memphis more credible than Kentucky. CONS: HE IS CAL DEAR FRIEND. Has a history of bailing out on programs, he ditched Kansas for UNC. ZERO LOYALTY. Plus Larry Brown is slick and will pay to play. I think Memphis is not the fit for him because he always has a better job on his radar.

NO BROWN...But close.

BOBBY KNIGHT: PROS: Will steal Cal's spotlight. He is the ONLY coach I know who can outtalk Cal. NCAA Champion Coach at Indiana and Memphis will break all kinds of TV media records. DECENT RECRUITER. Will clean Memphis up on the AAU scene. CONS: Old Age. Coach Knight is not in the best health and it kills me. I LOVE KNIGHT. He cannot recruit at this point because Memphis style is known for flashy offense. Players will not respond to at coach like Knight in 2009.



NOLAN RICHARSON: PROS: NCAA Champion Coach. Arkansas made 4 Final Fours between 1991-1995. Arkansas ran Kentucky off the radar. EXCELLENT RECRUITER. With Memphis amazing budget Memphis will hold a stalement on local talent. Richardson would win players like Xavier Henry and Demarcus Cousins everytime. Arkansas program will never recover after Richardson and Memphis will beat Arkansas next year with our 3 players we have left. Great flor coach with X and O's. Memphis fundamentals will be amazing and he can shoot and will beat Cal in a one on one game 100% of the time...EVEN at 67! Will die in Memphis and never leave. Memphis would land JOE JACKSON in 2010 GUARANTEED.

CONS: ARKANSAS. The controversy around his departure was one for the ages. However, I am not convinced Arkansas ever payed or treated him well. Accused of racism, however is in a interracial marriage. I DONT BUY ARKANSAS rhetoric. This is not about politic at this point, it's about WINNING....

I PICK RICHARDSON because Arkansas took down Dean Smith, Roy Williams, Tom Izzo, Denny Crum, Coach K, Jerry Tarkanian, and everyone else who tried to block Arkansas glory. We is the perfect fit because he is scorned like Memphis and will defeat the Kentucky Regime under Memphis Glorious Banner.

NO BRUCE PEARL, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!! ! No way!!! He is lame and a slickster!

Anonymous said...

I'd vote Richardson, too. And maybe Avery Johnson as his number one assistant, to maybe take over after Nolan.

Grant said...

Floyd wins my vote. richardson wasn't involved in recruiting his last few years at arkansas. He is so freaking old and frankly won't keep up. We talk about Cal's weakness coaching on the floor, Richardson wouldn't be any better.

Anonymous said...

Richardson has a banner! Floyd is a sideshow who will destroy Memphis in NCAA Sanctions, he is in bed with Arizona as we speak! NO WAY! Memphis basketball would go down the drain. Memphis ducked a major bullet with Cal leaving and I am THRILLED.

Floyd ruined the Chicago Bulls and now he wants to bury Memphis? NO WAY JOSE!!! I would boycott Memphis games if they brought that crook into my city! Coach Richardson loves Memphis high school talent and will fill Memphis ELITE roster with future Tiger Donors.


Memphis needs A LOYAL COACH. UNC went 16-16 the same years Richardson did. Arkansas fired Richardson and UNC franchised DEAN SMITH.

go richardson..he is clean and legendary...

floyd is a calipari-clone and i am not looking for another sideshow! memphis is not a's a WAY OF LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

I pick Richardson, let him have Bobby Parks or Penny Hardaway as assistants to groom to take over in a few years and do his leg work. As for his departure from AR, I lived in Little Rock at the time, all he did was TELL THE TRUTH: NW Arkansas is a racist place....there are NO black people there (except for those few ball players)....

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