Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Mass Exodus Continues...

Let my people go, Calipari.

Our guido is gone, our Spoon is gone, now our recruits are gone. Tough day to be a Tiger.


TIM said...

F_ck John Calipari!

F_ck him for raping our program of all the new recruits and for the other players that are likely to leave.

I hope folks realize that we're likely to be barely able to field a team next year. Sure, I guess we can get a hold of a few crappy 1 and 2 star players and have a glorified high school team. WTF? Can you imagine...we won't even compete in C-USA much less win it. That winning streak of ours will be OVER, game #1.

Calipari committed the cardinal sin of coaching--he's leaving the program in worse shape than he received it. BTW: How's UMASS doing these days, John?

Our only hope is to hire a big-time coach SOON and pay him a rock-solid salary and hope the hell he can keep some of the players we have and perhaps talk a few of the recruits into staying. The new coach wil be key.

Short of that, next season is lost. We'll be lucky to win 15 games and the program will lose money--we have to be honest, Memphis fans will NOT pack the stands like Indiana fans do even when their team sucks.

All the major players have committed for 2009-2010--very few are left to sign in April, so next year is our next legitimate shot, provided we get a Top Tier coach who can recruit or hire assistants who can get it done.

I'm so pissed. If that piece of sh_t Gillespie would have fulfilled his obligations to the Kentucky program (and it was not just about wins/losses), we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

Think about it: The undisputed #1 recruiting class in the nation, probably pre-season #1, and you fill in the rest...a more than legitimate shot at the National Championship. And now?

Lucky to go 15-20.

F_ck John Calipari.

And R.C. Johnson better pull a fucking rabbit out of his hat. Moron.

Anonymous said...

Dicey. But true. From the sweet 16 to gutting the program in two days. it'll take years to recover from this.

DG said...

It's truly a sad day, and an even sadder realization. Memphis will be lucky to win 10 games next year, and to have a coach with bigtime experience. We'll be reduced to the SMU's and UTEP's of the world, and will have to find someone incredible to revive our lost program. It's sad when Tim Floyd or Tony Barbee is your best and only hope.

John said...

TIM. Relax. Have confidence in the AD. If you do get a big-time coach, maybe those recruits will stay. I have a name for you:

Scott Drew

Grant said...

I am pretty much with tim on this one. leaving the program gutted was ridiculous.

blakebutler63 said...

I agree let's trust RC. He has done a stellar job with the rest of the athletic program not run by FedEx. Oh wait...nevermind.

Anonymous said...

I have only seen a couple of people comment on this, but the truth is Kentucky bought out an entire program not just a coach. How is there no outrage over this?

TIM said...

John: Scott Drew? You must be joking.

Here's that loser's record at Baylor...

Baylor (Big 12 Conference)
2003–2004 Baylor 8-21 3-13 11th —
2004–2005 Baylor 9-19 1-15 12th —
2005–2006 Baylor 4-13 4-12 12th —
2006–2007 Baylor 15-16 4-12 11th —
2007–2008 Baylor 21-11 9-7 T–4th NCAA First Round
2008–2009 Baylor 20-13 5-11 9th

Baylor: 77–93 26-70

Total: 97–104

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Drew

blakebutler63 said...

I think that is what most of the outrage is about (at least mine). This deal had nothing to do with Cal the coach. It had everything to do with him as the salesmen and the players that committed to him and not the university.

John said...

TIM. He had no non-conference schedule one of those years. He also had to clean up the mess Dave Bliss left him. Throw out those early years and look at how he's done with a normal team.

Anonymous said...

are you joking about having confidence in RC?? That man should be executed, or at least fired....$200,000 buyout and all these LOI with escape clauses????

blakebutler63 said...

That's what the "Oh wait....never mind" is....read my blog titled, "Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Guy the Flubbed This Up." That will let you know my true feelings on the situation.

DG said...

UMass never recovered from Cal's departure. I'd like to think that Memphis is stronger than that, but we'll just have to see who the reins are handed to. It's going to be rough being a Tiger fan these next several years. I just can't believe we went from being ecstatic about next season to hoping it's just not that abysmal.

blakebutler63 said...

One difference between UMASS and Memphis is that we have money and a fan base. I have been told that when Eddie Sutton left Kentucky (coach previous to Pitino), it was probably in as bad if not worse shape than we are. We need to make a splash hire that will salvage the program. I think we will be behind, but the program can still be saved.

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