Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Guy that Flubbed This Up

Now that I have had a day to step back and reflect on the freight train known as the Cal to Kentucky rumor mill, I am a little more understanding of the coach's situation. It is absolutely amazing that R.C. Johnson has been able to hang on at our beloved university as long as he has. This is a man that may not have cost us getting into the Big East the last time the conferences re-shuffled, but he certainly didn't do anything to help. While other AD's are beating down the doors and brown-nosing, R.C. sent some very nice and informative pamplets.

If you want to have a perfect picture painted on what R.C. does, just look at who is mentioned in the Commercial Appeal articles as talking with Cal all afternoon and evening. Fred Smith and Billy Dunavent to name a couple of guys that we can count on. In none of the articles do you see any mention of R.C. Johnson fighting his balls off to keep the coach that has built us into a national title contender. Don't make a mistake, while Johnson holds the title of Athletic Director, the lifeblood of the Athletic Department are men such as Fred Smith, Alan Graf, Billy Dunavent, and John Calipari. R.C. is merely a stooge we parade in front of a microphone to announce the dealings of the previously listed men. Can you name another school that doesn't involve the AD when they are about to make one their coaches the highest paid in his field?

Now back to the rumor that I believe has the most credibility. Kentucky outlined the terms of their offer to Cal this past Sunday. Cal then comes to R.C. with Kentucky's offer and asks if he will match it. R.C. says this is as close as we can get. Cal is insulted that R.C. has put so little effort into matching an offer from one of the top basketball programs of all time (Kentucky). Cal is ready to accept the Kentucky offer (i.e. players meeting on Monday morning). Fred Smith and Co. get wind of how bad R.C. has flubbed this up and tell him to sit down and shut up, and this is why we are begging our coach to stay for an offer that is as good if not better in terms of money as Kentucky.

We will find out today the future of our basketball program and possibly our athletic program today. If this rumor is true, I look for a new athletic director in the near future for our university.

And that's all I've got to say about that (<--so R.C. can understand that I'm done talking now).



Grant said...

how has R.C. stayed out of the public eye in this ridiculous press frenzy?

JB said...

What is the process of removing an AD? Is it a board decision or could be just FedEx him out of Memphis?

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