Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And the Winner is...

Josh Pastner! Memphis Sport has posted the latest issue online. The winners of the M Awards are presented in this issue and Josh Pastner won the Favorite Coach category as a write-in!

Meanwhile, the top Memphis blog went to Chris Vernon, I imagine because most voters know who he is. The only real Memphis news blog in the top 3 was Dan Wolken-CA Crew lovechild Memphis Edge, who run a really nice, frequently updated Memphis blog with solid information.

Vernon was actually pushing people to vote for Chris Herrington's Grizz site, which I assumed was a site petitioning the NBA for a professional team to come to Memphis, but turns out to be a site for another local team.

So, basically, the Memphis blog scene is just a big love fest... except for Kristen Tallent, who is glaringly absent in the polls and pictures of this month's issue. Ho hum.