Friday, September 11, 2009

Let the record show... we can't wait to see Joe wearing that Tiger Blue! Joe Jackson joins the highly touted Barton brothers in what's shaping up to be an incredible recruiting class for Josh Pastner in his first full season on the trail. Go Tigers!!!

Hardworkin' III

Its Official! ... Well official that it will be made official today. Last night Joe Jackson culminated his Facebook Status Watch '09 by saying that he will announce his college choice tonight at 6:30pm at the Finch Center. He then lists his choices as Kansas, Tennessee, and Memphis and sarcastically asks "What it's gone be?". Joe Jackson, if you dare to hold a press conference at our gym to announce that you're going to another school, much less Kansas or Tennessee, I promise we'll hate you more than Coach X. So with that, I say "welcome" to the newest member of the 2010 Memphis Tigers, Joe Jackson!

Angel the Garcia

MemphisRoar is reporting that Angel Garcia tore his ACL during an individual workout and is lost for the second season in a row. This is a tremendous blow to the team both numbers-wise and size-wise.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hardworkin' II

Just as we suspected, our sources tell us that a very important announcement will officially come on Friday.

The Fallout II

As rumors swirl around the message boards from Memphis to Kentucky to Kansas about an imminent national report concerning further allegations against Coach X, The University of the commonwealth of Kensucky may have shed a little light on the situation when assistant director of basketball operations Bilal Batley was relieved of his position on Tuesday. Batley served in the same capacity here at Memphis during the 2008-2009 season. While it is not known for sure what is going to be in the report, if Batley's dismissal has anything to do with the content, it will be a major headline. We'll keep you updated.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Those who can view both Joe Jackson's and Will Barton's respective facebook pages have been salivating over the wall-to-wall conversation that has been taking place recently. Many many years from now when Barton's basketball career is over, he needs to come back to Memphis and AT LEAST be a recruiter cause he is giving Joe Hardworkin' Jackson a great pitch. And if that wasn't enough JJax's own status updates are furthering speculation that an announcement might come soon, and it might be Memphis. I mean, how many recruits do you know whose profile picture is them in the actual game jersey of a team that is recruiting them? We'll keep you updated.