Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whaddaya Say, Pilgrim?

Gary Parrish reports that one of the Lost Boys from Kentucky is considering a transfer to Memphis. Matt Pilgrim, a 6-8", 230 lb. forward, transferred to Kentucky a year ago and was set to play this coming season. As many across the nation have seen... Cal giveth and Cal taketh away.
To clear space for Memphis' number one recruiting class, Cal needed to open a few spots on the Kentucky roster. Cal summoned whatever supernatural force he prays to and started a mass exodus that made Moses arise and take notice. Voila! Kentucky's number one recruiting class.

One of the captives set free was Matt Pilgrim, a transfer from Hampton who served his year on the sideline last season. Regardless of where he lands, Pilgrim has a good chance of playing next year considering that he already sat out a year and he was basically forced to leave because of a coaching coup.

Pilgrim saw a mild recruiting push before he committed to Hampton. He was plagued by the label that he was an inconsistent player and that he would disappear for portions of a game. However, most sources agree that he has enough skill to be a substantial role-player and will have occasional break-out games.

What say ye, Tiger fans?

Your Newest Memphis Tiger: Elliot Williams.

Per Jason Smith and Dan Wolken... Elliot Williams will be joining the Memphis Tigers! Wolken believes Williams will win the appeal of his eligibility based on his current circumstances, but you never know with the NCAA. Huge pickup for the Tigers! If he plays this season, Tigers are a definite favorite to win the CUSA.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Closer to Home?

Parrish posted an update on the Elliot Williams situation. If Elliot is trying to play next year, he basically needs to go to Memphis. Parrish states that the NCAA is becoming more rigid about the "illness in the family" justification and Elliot's other interests (UT, Vandy and, good gosh, UK) are just too far unless he wants to sit a year.

Williams played too well late last season to sit a year. He can come be a difference maker immediately with the Tigers. Come on, Elliot. Phone home.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Congrats Tyreke and Doz!

Tyreke Evans goes 4th overall to the Sacramento Kings in the 2009 NBA Draft. ... But the best thing was right after his name was called, Coach X walked up to his table to congratulate him and Tyreke never acknowledged him. Way to go, Tyreke!

Saving the best for last, the Miami Heat picked up Robert Dozier with the 60th and last pick of the draft. Now's your time, Doz!

Momo to Zona...

It's cool. We'd rather have the Williams Trifecta, anyway.

Draft Day!

We know you're at work, not working, but searching for the latest mock draft and sorting through trades to keep up with who has what pick now. So we here at The Tomb thought it a kind gesture to add to your unproductivity by giving you a place to go on the record and voice your opinion on where you think our 4 Tigers will go, if they will at all. So leave us a comment with the fates of:

Tyreke Evans
Shawn Taggart
Robert Dozier
Antonio Anderson

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reke-ing Havok on the Draft...

Chad Ford's latest has Tyreke going 4th to the Kings. Get it, Tyreke!

For the Hat Trick...

Dukie Elliot Williams has been granted his release from the Blue Devils so he can return home to be closer to his ailing mother. Williams plans to appeal the NCAA rule barring him from playing next season on the grounds that the transfer is motivated by a family illness. Tyler Smith of the Tennessee Voles was granted a similar pardon and was able to play immediately after transferring.
Memphis is Williams' most likely destination, with Vandy and Ole Miss being possibilities, as well. If we land Elliot and Derrick Williams (who concludes his official visit to Memphis today), the 2009 recruiting class will feature three different Williams, which means either the universe will implode or the basketball gods have aligned and we will be NCAA champions next season.

Elliot Williams was the 4th ranked shooting guard in the 2008 class. He would add some much needed depth to the Tigers roster if he chooses Memphis. Elliot had pretty good numbers last season, but saw a midseason lull in his minutes. I seem to remember some rift among the Duke guards last season, but I'll have to check into that to be sure.

What do you say, Tiger fans? Bring him on!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Williams Update...

Wolken reports the Derrick Williams is enjoying his time in Memphis. He likes the tempo of the team, the players and the fact that Memphis is a basketball town. (Just wait til you experience opening night in the Forum, Derrick!) Wolken is reporting that Williams is down to Memphis or Arizona and will announce sometime after Wednesday.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Lance Stephenson

The NY Daily News published an in depth examination of Lance Stephenson and his off the court problems, as well as his current recruitment status. If everything would clear up on him, Memphis landing him would be HUGE. Check out the story and let us know if you still think Lance should or shouldn't come to Memphis. I'm secretly hoping he comes to Memphis.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Williams #2...

Recently released from his letter at USC, Derrick Williams has arrived in Memphis for an official visit this Sunday evening.

Said to be a strong 3/4 hybrid type player, he would fit in well with the fast-paced offense that Memphis has been running. He is heralded as an intelligent player who can get open shots for himself, possibly similar to a bigger CDR.

Derrick will be meeting with Coach Pastner on Monday morning. Memphis, show some love!