Saturday, June 27, 2009

Whaddaya Say, Pilgrim?

Gary Parrish reports that one of the Lost Boys from Kentucky is considering a transfer to Memphis. Matt Pilgrim, a 6-8", 230 lb. forward, transferred to Kentucky a year ago and was set to play this coming season. As many across the nation have seen... Cal giveth and Cal taketh away.
To clear space for Memphis' number one recruiting class, Cal needed to open a few spots on the Kentucky roster. Cal summoned whatever supernatural force he prays to and started a mass exodus that made Moses arise and take notice. Voila! Kentucky's number one recruiting class.

One of the captives set free was Matt Pilgrim, a transfer from Hampton who served his year on the sideline last season. Regardless of where he lands, Pilgrim has a good chance of playing next year considering that he already sat out a year and he was basically forced to leave because of a coaching coup.

Pilgrim saw a mild recruiting push before he committed to Hampton. He was plagued by the label that he was an inconsistent player and that he would disappear for portions of a game. However, most sources agree that he has enough skill to be a substantial role-player and will have occasional break-out games.

What say ye, Tiger fans?


Grant said...
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Grant said...

we are gonna have the most ridiculous team if players like Pilgrim keep coming our way. I now have an excuse to wear my buckle shoes and wipe out an indigenous people group. Go tigers!

Anonymous said...

We need all the help we can get...Matt will be welcomed in memphis!

Anonymous said...

maybe we'll gain one more when Cal dumps another UK player to make room for Xavier Henry; seems he's not happy at KU and is talking about going to UK. Wonder if most of Cal's players are looking around, wondering who will come in to replace them next? i can hear it now, "but he told me i would be the starting guard!"

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