Monday, June 29, 2009

DWill to Zona...

Superstar journalist Dan Wolken is reporting that Derrick Williams has chosen Arizona over Memphis and Gonzaga. I had a feeling this would happen after Momo chose Zona as well but apparently DWill's decision had more to do with his mom than wanting to play with the fellow USC-escapee. Its all good though, the Elliot Williams signing came out of nowhere and more than makes up for Derrick. Once we get Pilgrim signed our 2009-2010 team should be finalized (Although there are rumors that Pilgrim is trying to get his hands on Kensucky's last remaining scholarship).

This has turned out to be a better end to the recruiting situation than any of us could have ever imagined. Pastner has done an incredible job, and while this class may not have all the hype that the Coach X class had, this season's Tiger team has the potential to be as good as any in recent memory. Pastner already has his five-star prep recruit Latavious Williams, five-star transfer Elliot Williams, and four-star juco transfer Will Coleman to complement a very talented group of returning players including four-stars Angel Garcia, Wesley Witherspoon, Doneal Mack, and Willie Kemp. Then add Frenchman Martin Ngaloro for this year and five-star recruit Will Barton for next year... we're sittin pretty Tiger Nation.



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