Sunday, December 1, 2013

Congrats to Pastner and the Tigers

Josh Pastner and the Memphis Tigers bounced back against Oklahoma State to take the championship game of the Old Spice Classic. In a more organized and easy-on-the-eyes repeat of the match-up seen on 11/19, the Tiger's backcourt leadership showed up today and led the team to a 73-68 victory over the 5th ranked Cowboys.

To be fair...

I would love to see this be the beginning of something great for Pastner and the Tigers. I truly hope the coaching, the trust in the talented Tiger big men and the improved guard play were signs of good things to come for this team. While 1-13 is much nicer than 0-14, it's still 1-13. Pastner needs to take a team to or through the Sweet 16. That said, this is a well-deserved and relieving win that buys the coach the benefit of the doubt for the near future. Congrats to Coach Pastner and the Memphis Tigers.