Friday, June 19, 2009

Sound Off!

6/20 UPDATE: Noel Johnson has reportedly decided on Clemson after opting out of his letter with USC. Many had high hopes for Memphis, but few sources ever spoke of Memphis as having a legitimate chance.

Also, this was reported a couple days ago, but Memphis may be one of the last major players in the Lance Stephenson Saga. Florida, Maryland and Arizona all reportedly pulled their names from contention.

Antonio has something to say about the possibility of Memphis losing all our wins from two seasons ago.

Hello, you wonderful, faithful Tombers. We at the Tomb have decided to start a little carousel of conversation. During the summer months, Tiger news slows ever so slightly and we wanted to initiate some debate. So, leave us your response to the following question in the "Comments" section and let's debate!

What would need to happen for the upcoming football season to be considered a success?

While you ponder your excellent responses, check out a couple links...

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