Wednesday, June 24, 2009

For the Hat Trick...

Dukie Elliot Williams has been granted his release from the Blue Devils so he can return home to be closer to his ailing mother. Williams plans to appeal the NCAA rule barring him from playing next season on the grounds that the transfer is motivated by a family illness. Tyler Smith of the Tennessee Voles was granted a similar pardon and was able to play immediately after transferring.
Memphis is Williams' most likely destination, with Vandy and Ole Miss being possibilities, as well. If we land Elliot and Derrick Williams (who concludes his official visit to Memphis today), the 2009 recruiting class will feature three different Williams, which means either the universe will implode or the basketball gods have aligned and we will be NCAA champions next season.

Elliot Williams was the 4th ranked shooting guard in the 2008 class. He would add some much needed depth to the Tigers roster if he chooses Memphis. Elliot had pretty good numbers last season, but saw a midseason lull in his minutes. I seem to remember some rift among the Duke guards last season, but I'll have to check into that to be sure.

What do you say, Tiger fans? Bring him on!


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