Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Action News 5 (who apparently is on our side) is reporting that coach cal met for donuts with some friends this morning and told them he was going for a drive around memphis to make his decision. Lets hope the donuts were warm, the traffic was good, and he drove around the parts of memphis that go in magazines not the parts that go on COPS.


DG said...

So Coach Cal said at Gibson's Donuts that Kentucky is one of five programs, along with North Carolina, Duke, UCLA and Kansas that any coach would have to consider. Cal, I'm confused as to why you want to leave. Is it money? You seem to have plenty of it. It's also been reported that boosters, with the help of the wealthy Frederick Smith, have raised enough money to offer $7mil a year. Is it ego? Do you want more recognition for leading a team like a Kentucky, a storied program where basketball is a religion? Wouldn't you be deemed greater if you turned The University of Memphis, a team in Conference USA, a team with ZERO NCAA Championships, a team that only had 4 conference championships before you showed up, a team whose previous coach was named Tic Price...into a powerhouse, comparable to the Dukes and UCLAs of world. Wouldn't it be great if your legacy was turning Memphis State into THE UNIVERSITY OF MEMPHIS, where people like Bobby Knight wouldn't call us by a name we haven't gone by in over 10 years. Wouldn't it be great if your legacy was retiring as the winningest coach of the 21st century, at the winningest school of the 21st century.

In the city of Memphis, you are loved. Before you arrived, we were struggling to make the NIT. Now that you're here, we've just celebrated our 4th straight sweet sixteen, and we're elated! Do you think Kentucky fans are going to be as forgiving as us, say if you don't make the Big Dance, like we failed to do in 2003 & 2005? You're willing to turn your back on a city that would do anything for you. You're willing to give up what's been considered by some as the greatest recruiting class ever, with three top 10 recruits. You're willing to give up the greatest fans in the world, the most understanding, and you know, we don't care about the background of the players we have. We cheer for them, and we cry with them (Darius Washington, 2005). Basketball is all we have. Let me rephrase that statement. The Memphis Tigers are all we have. There's some team called the Grizzlies that we let use our Forum (I think they play in a league called the NBA), but the Tigers have won more games than them. The Tigers hold everyone in Memphis together, and you are the glue. Why leave, Coach? Why?

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