Thursday, April 2, 2009


It has come to my attention that in the aftermath of our basketball program being strip mined, an opportunity has presented itself. Apparently Lexington believes we are holding some semblance of a garage sale here in the Bluff City. They have laid claim to our former coach, our former assistant coaches, a few of our recruits, a few of our current players, 1-2-3 Fox 13 News reporters, and a door... The Door... OUR DOOR! OUR FREAKING DOOR! But a brilliant Facebook group has thought of an ingenious way to take advantage of Kentucky's sticky fingers. Their thinking is that while Lexington is taking all the good stuff, why not give them some of our trash as well. The group "Willie Herenton for Mayor of Lexington, KY" is selling t-shirts with "HERENTON FOR MAYOR OF LEXINGTON" written in blue on the front... Perfect!

These awesome shirts are going for $15 a piece and the group description says half the proceeds will go to charity. I saw this and thought ballers of this magnitude deserve a TOD shout out. The group is focusing on King Willie right now... no official word yet on if they plan on attempting to move Janice Fullilove or Ophelia Ford. Join that group, shake the haters off and get yo'self better educated with some new threads.

Come on Tiger fans, we need our swagger back now. We've had 2 days to mourn, now lets pick ourselves up and rebuild our program together. Tiger Nation, assemble!


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