Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Fed Ex Forum remains dry

Bruce Pearl will continue sweating through his sport coats in Knoxville as he negotiated a new deal with Tennessee according to

Another update, Tim Floyd did not go to Arizona but instead is staying at USC.
In the meantime R.C. Johnson has now moved off campus because of "constant media interest" as he "searches for a new coach" in other words as he plays Halo 3 in his 145 yr old mother's attic. Will we ever get a coach?


JHob said...

whew... dodged that bullet. I see RC as more of a Halo 2 guy. Still using the noob combo, much like he used the combination of Cal and CUSA Championships to quickly kill any questions about his incompetence. Leaving us all mad and yelling at our TVs.

Grant said...

Great analogy, JHob.

Pistolier said...


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