Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the tomb in your pocket (that sounds awkward)

You might say to yourself, "Self, I wish there was an way to follow the tomb of doom blog on my blackberry or iPhone." Well I wish you would come down from that ledge my friend because I will show you how to make this dream of yours a reality.
iPhone Users:
One day you will have to grow up and get a blackberry but until you do there are many RSS readers available in the app store. I have read many different blogs on the matter and even had my wife download this application and it is a great application and well worth the Jefferson it will cost you (thats two dollars, history drop out). It's called Manifesto.

The application is very user friendly and simple. You can subscribe to any number of blogs or sites. You can even add our own tombofdoom.blogspot.com. As the blogs and sites are updated your iphone will be updated and the application will let you know from the icon on your home-screen what stories are new and you can even save the stories for later.

Probably my favorite feature of this application is that there are two viewing options in Manifesto. One view is an easy to read text view and the other is the original website layout. You can view the original layout without opening your browser! By not opening your browser it allows you to quickly go back to your RSS listings.
The main downside (which my wife doesn't care about and you might not either) is that when you close the program and reopen it all the read stories automatically are cleared from your list. So if you see an article you will want to read later or re-read then you must flag it and it will be saved. Again this does not bother my wife but it bugs me.
Overall the program itself is solid and so easy to use it will make you slap yo' momma or an authoritative female figure in your life. So pick it up here and start following the Tomb on your iPhone now.
Blackberry Users:
I know that you have already figured out how to read RSS with your superior minds. But just incase you are on the fence about which RSS application to put onto your beautiful blackberry, I am here today to testify on behalf of Viigo.

Viigo is an awesome and FREE application for your blackberry that allows readers to follow their favorite sites and blogs on the go, view the weather, sport scores, stocks and finance news, local interest, and a butt load more. The application will list all of your sites and blogs on one screen and show a number on the right side for unread items. Also when the site is updated and has new articles uploaded a small star will appear on the feed (as shown above). You also have the option to save the articles as well. You can even send the article through email, twitter, or Del.icio.us while in the program.
Bottom line this application is incredible and I can't believe this application is free! Maybe it won't be free when they start adding podcasts to it, which by the way they are! So get it right now here and start following the Tomb from your blackberry. Do it. Do it.


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Thanks! now following more!

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