Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Say what?!

R.C. Johnson, Athletic Director for the University of Memphis, just completed a press conference where he said........nothing. He commended Coach Cal on the job he had done and wished him the best. And then said we are looking for a new, great coach. All the while dodging many questions about particular coaches and other details we actually tuned in to see.
Coach Cal was reportedly not there because of delays in Lexington. He will be having a press conference at his home in about an hour at 1:30 pm. I wonder if he will have the same enthusiasm as he did in Lexington?


Jason said...

Double true g, RC just circle jerked his entire staff, and gave more shout outs to the crowd than answers to the questions. Honestly, if RC had anything left in the fleshy area between his legs where his nuts use to be, he'd bow out of this duel. And are you kidding me?! Cal only had a 200k buy out in his contract?! Didn't he just sign a new deal last year? And RC in his infinite wisdom didn't think to get a little more cheese in case Cal decided it do what he's just done... Bad form sir, bad form. This is a circus of errors in RC's job. I want a new AD before RC does something else devastating, like hiring a new coach. I think the boosters need to keep their check books out and go after someone else's coach just like UK did.

Grant said...

well put Jason.

Jason said...

thank you. That was my little rant, I'm still a bit mad at Cal, but it's more out of principle than hate. I've just never like RC. I've seen first hand from dealing with him in the Athletic Office what an empty suit he is. Cal ran that place.

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