Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Impromptu Elevator Interview

Being the Tomb’s only on-campus source, I look for certain situations where I can put my tuition to good use and bring the front line report.

Today’s encounter came when I walked up to the elevator in Wilder Tower and was dwarfed by the 6-8 300 pound frame of Memphis’ hit man, Pierre Henderson-Niles.

Pierre was texting or twittering or facebooking or myspacing or whatever you do when you are working two phones at the same time. But he was more than willing to talk about the recent news of new HC Josh Pastner. Willing, but not really a wealth of information: Eight floors later this is what I got.

TOD: Hey man, so are you staying next year?

PH-N: Yeah, I mean I’ll be here.

TOD: Cool, gonna get more playing time?

PH-N: (laughing) I hope so man.

TOD: Do you know if Tagg’s gonna stay?

PH-N: Man, I don’t know. Coach (Pastner) wants him to, but I don’t know.

TOD: I gotcha, well what to do think about the new coach?

PH-N: Ahh, coach Pass is cool. He’s gonna hold it down.

TOD: Yeah, do you know anything about the recruits?

PH-N: Who?

TOD: You know, Cousins, Xavier.

PH-N: Nah, man. I don’t know those dudes.

TOD: Yeah, well take it easy Pierre.

PH-N: (getting off the elevator) aight dude, cool.

As little as he said, he seemed pleased with the new hire of Josh Pastner, and Pierre should be looking at more playing time and experience next season. He’s no Joey Dorsey, but Pierre will benefit from Pastner. He has coached big men before and with a more hands on role with the players, Pastner might be able to get more production out of him than Cal could. Time will tell.


Nice work, JHob. The fact that you got out of that elevator with all your appendages intact is a victory. It's a pretty good sign that PHN speaks favorably of Pert Plus.



Pistolier said...

See, this is the top notch, investigative reporting that you will find nowhere else.

Grant said...

you heard it here first, elevators can support PHN and operate with him in them as well.

B-Will said...

In addition, strong work on the "Optimistically Hopefully Tiger."

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