Monday, April 6, 2009

Bring Billy G! Sign the Billy Gillispie as the new Tigers Head Coach Petition!

Let's beat down the doors of the Athletic Department! The Tigers need a coach and Scott Drew has been the only feasible target of the AD! They need the fans help! Bring Billy Gillispie to Memphis! Sign this petition, which will go straight to the AD!

Billy Gillspie as the new Tigers Head Coach! Petition

Bring Billy G!


UPDATE: My apologies. I've been spelling Billy G's last name wrong. I abhor spelling errors, so I will receive public lashings every quarter hour until tomorrow for my egregious error.

The proper spelling of our future coach's name is Billy Gillispie.

Billy Gillespie (August 6, 1891 - July 2, 1981) was a football player for Sheffield United over a twenty year period from 1913-32, and scoring over 137 League and Cup goals in 492 games for the South Yorkshire side.

That's what happens when you don't look at Wikipedia closely enough.

My mistake.


B-Will said...

So is BG our "coach to be named later"? Perhaps all we had to do is trade Cal and some (future) draft picks to UK for him. Maybe is was a cost cutting move.

JB said...

Ha ha. If we're working out a trade, maybe we can take Meeks and Patterson and leave Spoon and Cousins with the Cats.

Anonymous said...

The city of Memphis has voted and the winner is Billy G!!

Anonymous said...

there a bunch of Kentucky recruits that have decided not to attend Kentucky with the coaching change. perhaps BG could bring them for a start.

JB said...

That's true. We need to do some scouting and see who's on the fence and who might follow him.

Anonymous said...

It has been 48 hours and nothing from the AD and team. That means nothing serious is happening..

Both Bily G. and Theus have said that are interested.

But, the AD when after 2 coaches with losing records in their league and someone put out the word they were good recruiters??

Let's see

Drew 5-11
Hamilton 7-9
Kenndy 6-10

Any more losers??????????

What is going on?????????????

Anonymous said...

From the CA: Memphis Tigers closing in on naming assistant Josh Pastner as successor to John Calipari

Anonymous said...

Billy G would be a great fit for Memphis. As a KY resident, I will support any school from now on where he is located. UK did him totally wrong and even the ESPN guys said he deserved more time. I was saving up money to travel to the SEC since he was still the coach and then Mitch and Todd fired him. Well, I hope he gets another head coaching position soon. I will travel to Memphis.

Anonymous said...

I still say Billy G would be a better guy than the assistant. He is a excellent recruiter and coach. I hope he gets another head position soon and shows UK what they are missing.

Anonymous said...

If yall want a coach who degrades the athletes like they are trash regardless who is to blame then yall need BG. If you want a coach who cares nothing of well being of his players then BG is your man. I can tell you that you will be just a dissappointed as UK fans were. There was more to his firing than loosing games or what he said to reporters during half time. I can assure you that those two reasons where major factors but where not the only reason.

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