Monday, April 20, 2009

Coleman to Memphis...

After meeting with Coach Pastner today, Will Coleman confirmed that he will be honoring his commitment to play basketball for the University of Memphis.

Dan Wolken describes Coleman as, "[A] Joey Dorsey-esque athlete who is still learning to play the game but has almost unparalleled speed and leaping ability at the college level for a player of his size."

It'll be very interesting to see how Coleman develops under P3's tutelage. If he becomes the next Dorsey, Coleman would be an instrumental recruiting tool, not simply an excellent recruit.

Oh, by the way... Suck it, Cal.


For those caught perusing... Do you think Coleman's decision to play for the Tigers will affect Taggart's plans if he doesn't get drafted?


ricky g said...

no. move taggart to the 4 spot and let coleman play the 5. or vise versa.

i think they'd play very very well together.

one of Taggart's most recent status' on facebook:

Shawn Taggart is saying one more year wouldn't be bad............ (smiling)

Anonymous said...

I need to start facebook stalking the players.

ben said...

I think taggart will stay and their chemistry together will be quite effective. and lets keep the facebook stalking out of this

Grant said...

i think taggart and coleman will have a gasol/navarro relationship. just kidding. gross.

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