Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Name to X off our List...

Updated 4/23/09:
Multiple sources claim that Xavier and CJ (who?) Henry will be signing with Kansas in the coming days. If you've been following the roller coaster ride that the Henrys have been operating the past few weeks, you know that they've been supposedly heading to Memphis, Kentucky, Kansas, the Yankees, the Minnesota Timberwolves, the White House, and the moon.

Regardless of the destination to which the Henry brothers were leaning, they made it clear in each statement that they wanted to play together. Xavier will be playing one year of college ball before jumping to the NBA and he wanted the last chance to play on some level with his brother. I'm good with that. I think that's great.

The question that surfaces now that the Henry brothers have chosen Kansas is... How the $&%@ did CJ get his release from the NCAA to leave Memphis and play next year at another school? This is the same inadequate bunch of imbeciles that kept Simpkins and Garcia waiting 12-18 months last year just to check their high school report cards. If CJ is allowed to play next year (or be listed on the active roster; he'd be their Chance McGrady), it's just another suspicious situation to add to the list of complaints against the NCAA.

There is a posibility that he attends Kansas and simply sits out the next year while X plays. They would still be attending school together, they would practice together, they would party together. But, guys, you could've had the Plush Club! They would've even spelled your names right on the sign outside! I digress.

Either way, this looks bad for the NCAA. When they get ESPN coverage, they get the job done. When they get FOX13 coverage, they crap on our team.


4/22 update: Dan Wolken is reporting that Darnell Dodson is following Calipari to Gomorr-, er, Kentucky.

4/23 update: Also, SLAM Online reports that Nolan Dennis has just signed with Baylor.


Grant said...

whats wrong with being Chance McGrady?

JB said...

Nothing if you or I could be Chance McGrady. Something for someone expecting to get solid playing time.

DG said...

CJ being able to play has something do to with him not being on scholarship. The Yankees are paying for his education.

Anonymous said...

It's not just CJ this is bad for, have you guys watched KU? Brandon Rush went there planning to be a one and done, it took him 3 years to get noticed....I predict Xavier will not average over 10 minutes or 10 points per game. He certainly won't get the kind of showcasing there that he could have had @ Memphis.

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