Thursday, August 20, 2009

The NCAA Cleared Rose to Play

The NCAA cleared Derrick Rose to play. That should be the main issue here. Memphis and its fans are being penalized for something that allegedly happened when Rose was in high school. Yes, the Reggie Rose issue is looming, but is that alone enough to vacate a 38 win season and a championship game appearance?

I just heard Doug Gottlieb say on ESPN that everyone is at fault, including the NCAA. Is the NCAA sanctioning itself? Is somebody getting fired? Probably not.



Anonymous said...

Dan wolken roports, that the clearinghouse is only as good as the information provided to it.

Anonymous said...

I just posted this on TBT, but I have proof that the KU coaches knew about the Arthur situation BEFORE the NC game. An AAU coach told me they used an inelibile player the day after that game but would not tell me who. If he knew this he got it from the KU staff. If we have to take this hit, lets make them take one too!!

Dacus said...

Agreed. We are starting a movement to go after the big schools. Check back soon for the story.

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