Monday, June 1, 2009

Pastner Leaves No Stone Unturned

Martin Ngaloro, Welcome to Memphis!

Josh Pastner keeps overcoming obstacles. Whether it be Coach X taking the recruiting class, RCJ thinking that major NCAA violations don't qualify as pertinent information for a new coach, or trying to pull a "Memphis" quality recruiting class in 3 months; Pastner has been an absolute beast.

This brings us to Pastner's latest triumph. Martin Ngaloro, a 6'8 European that can shoot the 3 ball (look him up on YouTube), is the newest Tiger, per MemphisRoar. Pastner ventured off of the the Rivals150 list for this prospect. As Pastner said when he was hired, there are good players out there, you just have to find them. Finally, someone in the athletic department that meant what they said!

While Ngaloro is by no means polished or a finished product, he gives plenty for Tiger fans to be excited about for the coming years. Pastner is putting together a roster of impressive athletes and shooters. While this roster lacks a D-Rose or a Reke, it does not lack talent.

Keep playing that Rock n' Roll, Josh!

- Blake


Anonymous said...

All Right! JP sure knew what he was doing! Good Job! GO TIGERS!

Anonymous said...

I hope you aren't U of M products. Every time I read this blog I see people referred to as "that". This post... "European that can shoot the 3 ball" Even thatVernon song "players that can't read". "That" refers to objects and animals. People are "who".

Anonymous said...

I hope Anonymous is not a U of M product. Every time I read his comments I see sentences without periods and words without spaces. The last comment... "This post... 'European that can shoot the 3 ball'" should have a period after "ball" and "thatVernon" should be separated by a space. There is even a cute red line that appears under "thatVernon" to let you know that you made a mistake, yet you still missed it! Go ride your grammar-horse over to Kentucky, fag.

Everyone who reads this blog said...


Shut up.

blakebutler63 said...

I apologize for what appears to be a grammar error. I used "that" because Ngaloro is a beast.

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