Thursday, June 4, 2009

News, Fun and Scheduling... 6/4/09

WMC5 and several other outlets are reporting that Memphis is scheduled to play what will likely be the #1 or #2 ranked Kansas Jayhawks team for the second game of the season. The first rematch of The Game of Which We Do Not Speak will be part of a double-header with Arkansas/Loserville playing the other game. Sign me up!

Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen took a break from crafting another official government apology in order to write a letter to David Stern requesting the NCAA Age Limit be rescinded. On the heels of the DRose saga, one diamond in the rough is that this ridiculous rule has been brought to the forefront of NCAA-speak. Hopefully Stern will take the advice or institute a 3-or-None policy, like in NCAA baseball.

Gary Parrish is preaching his libertarian take on the NCAA Age Limit. I totally agree. You cannot make rules to try and prevent bad decisions. Bad decisions occur all the time. High school graduates are adults. Let them make up their own minds.

Frank Fitzgerald from the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote a funny piece entitled "Sports' Most Annoying People." The Benedict Calipari and Kobe Bryant bits are especially accurate.

This is old news, but an official announcement has been made that Jack Murphy has been hired to round out Coach Pastner's coaching staff. Murphy has been with the Denver Nuggets as an advance scout for 4 years. It's always a plus to have NBA experience on the sidelines, especially at Memphis. Good find, Coach Pastner! Glad to have you, Coach Murphy!

Last, but not least, a glorious picture of P3 from his guest appearance in the new Star Trek film.


tiger dude said...

i dont want to play kansas this year.

Jake Bishop said...

Ha ha... Yeah, that crossed my mind, too. I was thinking, "Why not last year?!" Oh, well. It'll make for an awesome trip to St. Louis.

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