Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Latavious Williams to be a Tiger

Latavious Williams is listed as committed to Memphis as of today (5/26) per Rivals. Hopefully this is consistent with what will be announced at 2 pm today. Pastner is hammering out a respectable recruiting class despite the best (or worst) efforts/lies (see Eric Bledsoe) of Coach X. If Pastner finds a way to land Noel Johnson and/or Lance Stephenson, he should get a raise before he even coaches a game.

Latavious Williams

Noel Johnson

Lance Stephenson

- Blake


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Aaron said...

Hell yeah. This is a really big bright spot in an otherwise devastating off season. All we needed was one star to get the floodgates open, and next year, we'll have some clout and be in the running for many more (assuming we play well this season).

Tomb of Doom said...

No doubt. Considering the two recruits signed and the possibility of Stephenson and Johnson, Pastner is making the most out of a tough situation.

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