Monday, May 25, 2009

In Other News... 5/26/09

Here's a few throwdowns from our new power forward.

Don't forget to sign up for the Coach Pastner Basketball Academy. For a mere two-hundy, you too can glimpse into the mind of the next great Tiger coach. Oh yeah, your kids can come, too.

As mentioned here a few days ago, Kentucky is giving the boot to a few of their sub-elite remaining players to make room for Cal's new recruits. I wonder if Benedict Calipari started the conversation with, "I want you in Kentucky. This is where I want you to play."

And by all means, watch the Magic and Cavs tonight. It's been an awesome series.


Anonymous said...

Watch them all leave! Then they'll be left with no back ups and all they will have is a freshman starting line up who will all be exhausted with no one to substitute them. After a terrible season of 1-29, Kentucky will fire Calipari. Next, all the players will transfer and Kentucky will be left with 0 players, so they forfeit the next two seasons to try to recover. After all that, Kentucky will be known as one of the most loosing programs ever. Meanwhile, during those three years of Kentucky loss, Pastner and Memphis have earned a Sweet Sixteen, Final Four, and a National Chapionship with a 100-69 victory over Kansas.

Anonymous said...

Great story, Anonymous! ^
That woul b so sweet if that happened :)

Anonymous said...

Never mind! Calapari just left us with NCAA allegations. UH!!!!

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