Monday, October 20, 2008

Pierre Niles Represent!

According to a variety of sources, Pierre Niles has teamed up with Coach Cal and Mike Golic to iron out a plan for him to "Get in the Game." Losing 50 pounds? Alley-oops? Salad with light dressing on the side? These are phrases that may soon be associated with our beloved Frenchman. I'm hoping for Chris Massie 2.0.

Take a liston to Chris Vernon on the new and improved Niles here.


DGrizzle said...

Chris Massie was 6'9, 250lb in college. Frenchy is listed at 6'8 and 310lb. That's a combination of alot of missed meals and ladders run at practice, but it's not looking too promising. There's also the whole, baskeball ability factor that plays into the scenario. At least we won't have a problem with anyone picking on him out there on the floor, or any of our new freshmen for that matter.

JBizzell said...

Man, he's hovering around 300 lbs... AFTER losing 50? He was one big muhfuh to begin with then. We shall see.

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