Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cal, we need a Favors...

Sorry. That title was lame. It was either that or, "Cal, do us a Favors...". I made the right choice.

Derrick Favors, Scout's #1 ranked prospect is coming to Memphis on Saturday for his official visit. Give him a look.

If you see him in the street, throw some love, money, bling his way. He has family, probably some cousins, in Memphis, so hopefully he'll feel right at home. There are a few details in the AJC this week and lots of Tech fans (and even a delusional Gayhawk fan) talking smack on there, so make sure you leave a message for those fools.


Rob said...

Cal for quite a few years now has been able to land the highly recruited guards but has never been able to land a true star big man (Kendrick Perkins and Amare Stoudamire don't count since they never made it here). Favors has been a priority for Cal for a few years now and so this weekend is when he really needs to work his hypnotic magic to make him commit!

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