Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Morning Round-Up... 6/8/09

Antonio Anderson will participate in a pre-draft workout for the Memphis Grizzlies. Anderson hasn't shown up on many mock-drafts, so it's good to see him get some attention. It seems unlikely that Anderson will be drafted, so I'd like to see the Grizzlies sign Anderson after the draft. The Grizz made a mistake not going after any of our three NBA-bound Tigers last year. If they'd snagged CDR, their attendance this year wouldn't have been so abysmal. Such is Grizz.

Speaking of the Grizz, there's a fresh and clean new site at Check it out.

Dan Wolken shares an update on Tiger news, including some additional RC ineptitude, some recruiting news and an interesting take on the Taggart situation.

Jason Smith at the CA gives a quality rundown of prospects who attended Coach Pastner's basketball camp this past weekend. Joe Jackson spoke highly of our new Coach, which was good to see considering he was an elder statesman compared to the rest of the talent in attendance. Prospects from as far off as 2013 came out to the camp. Pastner also talked about the importance of networking at high schools around the area to keep Memphis talent as Memphis talent. Impressive.

Last but not least, I try not to use this blog for personal causes of any sort, you know, other than expressing my disdain for haters, Loserville, poor stanky leg execution, reality tv, the current president's iPod and Big Willie. However, I feel the need to share the following picture with the readers.

At a recent little shindig, I spent some time with a couple friends of mine and their young baby. Friends is a relative term, as the father happens to be a UK fan. Just kidding. I'm not that trivial, at least, not for another paragraph or two...

There was a little UK rubber ball bouncing around and someone wanted to force this offensive toy upon the newest addition to the group and snap a picture. I vehemently opposed, saying the baby should be able to make his own sportsfanship decisions (while plotting to find several pieces of UofM paraphenalia for the child). The UK fans persisted. They had to get a picture of the newest UK fan. Lah-de-freaking-dah.

I was facing a real moral dilemma. The child wasn't mine, so I had no right to prevent this bluegrass-inspired tyranny. The safety of the child wasn't in jeopardy (arguably), so I felt my hands were tied. I could only hope that the Good Lord would prevent such a heinous intrusion into this young fan's future.

The Lord is just. As the picture was being taken, the young child made, what I believe, the wisest move in his young life. He projectile vomited at the sight of this blue UK ball (which has become a fairly common response to all things UK around the country). Well done, young one. There's always room for you in the Memphis fold.


NCAA Ombudsman said...

A true fan.

Jake Bishop said...

Yep. It was poetry in motion.

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