Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm just sayin

Being 31 and the head coach of an Elite Div 1 basketball program can be difficult. It is even more difficult when you look 21. I personally feel the coach's pain because I commonly am asked if my mom or dad is home when someone comes to my front door....shut up, its not funny. But to counter this misconception in the professional world I dress professionally. This is where Pastner and I differ. I have one thing to say to the coach;
He has appeared in the Commercial Appeal and on Good Morning Memphis wearing a blue polo shirt and khakis. He looked like an intern or team manager or like a freshman in high school (minus the Wallabees......wait his feet were under the desk. I bet Wallabees).
Exhibit A:
We know you are youthful and energetic. Be youthful and energetic in a suit! Because in a suit you look like a head coach!
Exhibit B:
I know this post isn't something you would see on Sportscenter or anything but it bothers me that when making appearances he wears polos and looks like a Dave Matthews Band concert goer when he should look like he just got the biggest job of his life....cause he did.
I'm just sayin....


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I hope he takes your sound advice.

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