Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fresh Tiger Tracks in the Tomb

Hi haters, we off the hiatus. Sorry, I've just always wanted to say that. Anyway, the party that normally occupies the Tomb had to be moved out of town this weekend so that a girl could legally join the TOD family. So after many trips to an awful, horrid, rude, tux rental establishment, rehearsals, some primo cigars, disc golf, thousands of pictures, a short and sweet ceremony, reception, and late night ride into the M-town accompanied by the April 2009 mix-tape, the Tomb is back to drop more knowledge.

Our coaches, yes all three of them, addressed the media yesterday and answered a myriad of questions regarding what is on the minds of all Tiger fans at the moment: are we going to get enough players to have a team and will my recreational league/playstation all-american son/grandson be able to tryout. P3 shared that Simpkins is leaving and assured us that the departure is mutual on both ends and that the staff wishes him well and is doing everything to help him find the right fit. Heard that before somewhere? But unlike awkward answers to the inevitable "So, what happened?" post-breakup question, I believe this one. Simpkins is a good basketball talent, but recognizes that his playing time will be limited at a national program like ours. TOD wishes him the best as well (unless he goes to Kentucky, Kansas, UAB, Tennessee, Missouri, or Louisville... in which case we wish him the worst). Pastner also said he doesn't expect Tyreke back in Tiger blue and that Tagg is working hard to impress NBA executives. As much as I would like Tagg back, I am by no means betting on his return. He is a very skilled athlete and if he wants in the NBA bad enough right now, he is going to bust it and get there.

Coach Cy is still hot on the recruiting trail for the few remaining prizes out there. He is convinced we will still sign a couple of guys before all is said and done. One of those kids: PG Eric Bledsoe. This kid is the real deal. He may not have all the hype that D-Rose had when he came out of high school, but Bledsoe could have an equally as high ceiling if he works hard enough. He has similar vision and scary similar mid-air body control when driving to the hoop. Check it out for yourself. He is ranked as the 23 best overall HS senior by Rivals and is scheduled to make an official visit here this weekend. So Doomers, if you see him, show him some love cause rumor has it that he is looking hard at (no)KY also... less likely if they get Wall, but that is by no means a guarantee.



Anonymous said...

Tag can not just will himself into the nba. he just isnt good enough; not even in this class.

Anonymous said...

...and Bledsoe can't just work hard and become the next D-Rose

Anonymous said...

Bledsoe won't go to uk. He's scared that he'll be coming off the bench for the next 4 years if he does. Wall this year, Knight in 2010. No room for him to start.

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