Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Memphis Tigers: #13 according to FOX Sports' Jeff Goodman

Goodman is moving up the polls, starting from #25, and releasing his take on one team per day. He provides a brief summary of everything we already know about the Tigers. He didn't include Witherspoon in his article and it seems he has little faith in Willie Kemp.

Considering who we lost, #13 is a fair spot for a returning national finalist. Most importantly, Tennessee is #14 on the list.

Should we be worried about #13? I think not. Memphis has a habit of enjoying the underdog role.


DGrizzle said...

It's funny how Goodman doesn't know his facts about Willie Kemp. Kemp anchored the team at point his freshman year, then took a seat on the bench to let DRose run the show. Now he's back with experience and wisdom, but with big shoes to fill.

JBizzell said...

True. Everybody has been giving Willie the cold shoulder. I think people forget about him because Cal used AA in more big game situations cuz Kemp's defense sucked back in the day.

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